Cloud Connect is a local company started by local business people for the local business and residential community.

“We believe in a personal relationship with our clients. To us, you are not just a number”.

At Cloud Connect we believe that the future belongs to those who make things happen.

We believe in a digital future where everything is connected. And, by far, the biggest part of this interconnectivity will be wireless. Making this inter-connected world happen sooner, is a vision that the minds behind Cloud Connect are very proud to fulfil.

Together, the team at Cloud Connect have many years of experience in information technology. Much of this experience has been pioneering experience in wireless and general communication technology.

Our team has done ground-breaking work in long distance wireless data communication for some of the biggest multinational companies in the world. Some of our team members were IT lecturers. They have had experience as industry-defining software and communication system developers. This is the sort of team that creates a winning company.

Together we are building a new world. Your digital world. A world that makes technology work to make your life more exciting.

  • FAST

    The fastest wireless backhaul in the region


    The fastest fibre breakout in the region


    The widest microwave coverage in the region


    Fanatical dedicated support, from 7am till 11pm, 7 days a week


    Download speeds to make your eyes water